How to List Your Watch

Create your listing

You will need to click on Create a new product at the bottom

1 - Select your product category

2 - Add Product details

This will be the Title of your product. It will appear next to your watch image
Example: If you want to sell a Titan watch, the title can be Titan Men’s Black Automatic Watch

Give a short description of the watch with model number, details of the dial, bracelet / strap, size if you know, along with age of the watch.  You also have to mention the size of the bracelet in inches for a metal bracelet. This is MANDATORY. In case the  bracelet has been resized, mention if extra links are available

You should also add details of wear and tear.


Please upload pictures of the watch. The front face, back case, side view and the strap.

Product Type:

  • Simple product
  • Virtual / Downloadable
  • General:

Regular Price: The actual MRP of the watch
Sale price: Your price

Click on sold individually

Add the weight and dimensions of the product

If you want to Submit these details, click on Submit
If you want to save these details and continue later, click Draft

Product Tags: These are keywords you can add, which will bring up your watch on a Google Search

Once you submit the details, your watch will be live on our Market Place